Wk 2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

This week’s art project was indeed an experience. My roommate (Anthony Sanchez) and I chose to do this project on Sunday (Today, 1/31) and it was the worst decision we could have possibly made. We first went to Home Depot to buy the plaster and before we even got in the car, it was pouring rain. We were praying for some miracle to happen before we got to the beach but all we were granted was a lighter rain with heavier winds. We arrived on the beach with our makeshift shovel/bucket (our trashcan) and our box of plaster and started the process. We were relatively dry after digging our holes and making the imprints in the sand, but then I had to get some water from the ocean. I thought I had a good technique, but I didn’t account for the rogue wave sneaking upon me. My right foot was drenched for the rest of the day. As if that didn’t put a damp-er on my day, after we mixed and poured the plaster, the rain and wind picked up. Hard. We had to cover our plaster castings with whatever we could find to protect it and we took refuge under the Seal Beach Pier. Luckily, we had brief moments of pure sunshine that we took advantage of to take some nice pictures. After about 30 minutes we were able to dig up our castings and dry off a little before heading back to our dry dorm room. Overall experience? Despite the weather, 10/10 would do again.


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