Wk 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat



This week’s art experience was a fitting assignment for today’s students. Snapchat is an app that has allowed people to share everyday events that can be seen for 24 hours. It allows people to “live in the moment”. For my snapchat art, I chose to take two snapchats that I would normally take and added some flare to them. The first one I took was at my local Del Amo Mall in Torrance. It was recently renovated in the past few months and the interior looks absolutely amazing. To add to the aesthetic of the picture, I added a few colorful lines to add perspective and coincidently, I took the snapchat at 11:11 am. Lucky me!

The second photo I took was of my annual pre-Superbowl lunch at my Grandmother’s house. I love eating my grandmother’s food more than pac-man loves eating up points. This superbowl was amazing and who would have guessed the Broncos leading the Panthers so hard throughout the game?

Unfortunately for me, everyone I added on snapchat seemed to have already posted their snapchat art days before me so I visited some other blog pages to see some snapchat art. The first picture is from Madison Braverman’s (link below) snapchat. I chose it because she turned Glenn’s crazy hairstyle into a work of art. The second picture I chose was from Elizabeth Moledo’s (link below) page. I chose her snapchat art to share because I love animals and when I was a kid in elementary school, my friend had an albino rabbit that looked just like this one. It was fun reminiscing!

Madison Braverman: https://madisonbraverman.wordpress.com/
Elizabeth Moledo: https://elizabethmoledo.wordpress.com/


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