Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Sanchez

This is Anthony Sanchez. He’s a 1st year Computer Science Major and he’s taking Art 110 as a G.E. class. Even though he’s only taking this class for a G.E., he said he’s very interested in the arts and he finds a lot of the concepts that we’ve talked about so far (such as technology) very interesting. I asked him about what he likes to do on his free time and somehow the conversation always redirected itself to his girlfriend. He skypes with her every night because she goes to school in San Diego. I knew he liked the art exhibit because he would couldn’t keep himself in one place. His favorite art piece was the one with the roses and he took pictures of it. When I asked him about how he was enjoying the class, he said that he liked Art 110 and hoped he could take another class like it in the future.
Anthony Sanchez: https://anthonysanchezblog.wordpress.com/



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