Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation – Enrique Plascencia


This week, I spoke with Enrique Plascencia. He’s a senior undergrad student in the drawing and painting program in which he mostly draws abstract art. On his free time he enjoys watching movies and I found out that we both really like The Nightmare Before Christmas. I like any Tim Burton film but Jack Skellington always has a place in my heart. We both like playing video games and are anticipating the new Kingdom Heart 3 game coming out in the future. I thought about asking him a random question so I asked him if he could be any animal, what kind of animal would he be and why. He said that he’d want to be a cheetah because they’re really fast and they’re pretty high on the food chain. I said I would be anything that flies because I want to have the freedom that birds have.
Enrique Plascencia: https://wordpresscom64993.wordpress.com/


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