Wk 5 – Art Experience – Coiffure

This weeks art experience was actually a two week project for me. When I first found out about this week’s art experiment with coiffure, I knew I had to start early. I had never dyed my hair before so I did some research before going to Sally’s Beauty Supply. To be honest, I was frightened. I don’t usually pay much attention to my hair’s health and I had no idea what I would do about maintaining my hair after I bleached and dyed it, but I did it for the arts! The photos above show my first week’s bleaching process. I’m glad my scalp didn’t hurt from the bleach because that was one of my concerns from researching about it. The photos below show my sec0nd week’s bleaching. This was a lot easier to do since all I had to do was apply the bleach cream to whatever parts of my hair were yellow/orange. This past week was really fun because I had the opportunity to see my friends and family’s reactions to my new hair. Again, I had the same hairstyle for years so I guess this came as a shock to them. I’m definitely looking forward to trying new hairstyles!


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