Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Andre Ritter

A display of some of Andre Ritter’s work.

Artist: Andre Ritter
Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form; Single Entity
Media: Aluminum, Wooden Panels, Leather, Found Metals
Gallery: Gatov West
Website: None Available
Instagram: None Available

About the Artist
This week, I interviewed Andre Ritter. Andre Ritter graduated last spring as a part of the 3-D media program. He was one of the many artists displaying their art in this week’s exhibition. Andre is a very passionate artist. He is currently working with his son’s elementary school to set up a unique art program. He wants to give children such as his 10 year-old son an opportunity to be exposed to the arts while also giving undergraduate art students a chance to teach. These undergraduates would teach children at elementary schools for their teaching credentials.

Formal Analysis
Andre likes to use small designs in his work using heated metals and small tools to make engravings. He said he likes to use aluminum metal in his work because it’s pretty easy to work with and relatively cheap compared to other metals. Some of the other metals he uses is just metal that he finds around his house or that he just happens to find. He mentioned that he doesn’t like to make any big pieces and that he likes to keep it small and more intimate.

Content Analysis
Andre has a tropical influence in his work. He mentioned that he loves the beach and he takes long walks on the beach to relax. For example, Andre said that the design along with the lighting of the light fixture featured above reminds him of the tropics. The piece in the photo next to that piece is a culmination of all of Andre’s previous works. He said that he took aspects from his older pieces and put them all into this piece to serve as a tribute to his work.

My Experience
This week’s exhibition was a new experience for me. This was the first time that I saw a collection of artists display their work in one room and it was interesting to see the similarities and differences between their work. What drew me to Andre’s work was the tribal-inspired headpiece that he made. Andre mentioned that he made a lot of small intricate pieces because he was agoraphobic, which means that he doesn’t like wide open spaces. The way his work fills that wide space and makes it more intimate is something I found really interesting.


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