Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Chadwick


This week, I met with Chris Chadwick. We met in a sort of weird way. My friend Anthony came up to me towards the end of class asking me if I finished my interviews and I told him no. He then disappeared for a few seconds and then called me over to him. He was standing next to someone yelling to me: “I found someone for you!” Chris and I both looked at each other and I said to him: “Did we just get set up for a date or something?” We both chuckled and we began interviewing each other. Chris is a 3rd year student studying mechanical engineering. He’s originally from San Diego which he said is a bummer for him because Long Beach is the only city in LA that he really knows. He jokingly mentioned that mechanical engineers don’t have any free time, but whatever free time he does have he spends surfing, playing video games, and playing water polo. He’s the president of the water polo club team here at CSULB. I asked him if he were any type of animal, what animal would he be and he answered with a polar bear. That was his nickname so he said it made sense. My nickname happened to be Big Bird so I knew what meant.
Christopher Chadwick’s Website: https://christopherchadwickblog.wordpress.com/




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