Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week’s art experience was unique. Instead of going to the art galleries on Thursday we followed a student-guide around school to take pictures of the beauty of our school. I chose to follow Anthony Sanchez on the photowalk and I’m glad I did. I was expecting someone who might have been into the job just because of the extra credit, but he seemed genuinely excited to show everyone the sights. I can’t say that I was born to be a photographer, but I tried my best. I played with my phone camera’s near and far focus features (I have a Galaxy S6) and I thought some of those pictures turned out pretty good. The rest of my pictures were attempts at wid, open shots of the scenery. I tried to minimize the focus of any one object and let the picture blend the scenery into one thing. I’m not sure how well I pulled it off, but I’m happy with my work. The final photos I took were of the pyramid. I’m lucky that I’m tall so I was able to get up right to the bottom edges of the pyramid to take some nice pictures. At this point of the walk, the weather was getting really warm so I’m glad that’s where the walk ended but I would have loved to take more pictures with a group of people like that.


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