Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Project

I just finished editing my video project and I feel so proud. This week’s art experience involved creating a group video project focused around a theme. I decided to make a video with my roommate Anthony Sanchez (link below) about college problems that we all know and hate. Our original idea was a skit where he and I would be having a conversation without realizing it because we were both on our phones and things were going to get a bit…awkward at the end. In this video, we portrayed two college students suffering through a bit of a rough few days. I could have easily made a blooper reel that showed how many time we ended up messing up or changing the script. We filmed mostly at night because we wanted to be able to control the lighting in the scenes. While making the video, I wanted to take as many short shots as possible to be able to control what the audience sees better. I feel that it also adds to the comedic timing of some of the jokes. If I were to do anything differently, I think it would be to just add more to the video. We only had one day to film because I was going home for the weekend so we didn’t have much time to think of any more scenes but I’m still glad the way it turned out.

Anthony Sanchez: https://anthonysanchezblog.wordpress.com/


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