Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Dorothyrose McMahon

This week I interviewed Dorothyrose McMahon. She’s a junior here at CSULB and we are both Film majors. This was the first time that someone came up to me before class to do the classmate conversation which threw me off a little because normally I’m scrambling towards the end of class to find someone who hasn’t done it yet. Dorothyrose likes many things. She likes to run, do yoga, play tennis, play guitar, and she likes to work on film projects. Last semester, she studied abroad in Germany to study film and she worked on a couple of projects while over there. She worked on a TV cooking show and what can only be described by her as a spy movie. Her favorite movies include the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the Hobbit trilogy. She mentioned that her sign is scorpio but she doesn’t believe that the stars have anything to do with her future or personality. However she appreciates the fact that signs have given people some sort of guidance for when they seek it.

Dorothyrose McMahon: https://freebirdmcmahon.wordpress.com/


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