Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week’s art experience was definitely the one that was most out of my comfort range. I asked my friend Miles to help me with the project. When I told him what we had to do he was a little confused. I told him we had to hold onto a pencil at the same time over a piece of drawing paper and let the pencil draw whatever came to us. I said it was sort of like operating a ouija board. We had to let the pencil take control. He didn’t understand at first but I think we once we started he understood what was going on. I decided to do it in my kitchen back at my house because the room is separated from the rest of the house. We played some music in the background, but it wasn’t too loud to be a distraction. Most of the strokes we made were circular motions because we caught too much of a rhythm. I’m not sure if that wasn’t supposed to happen but we just went with it because that was what was naturally happening. The whole experience lasted about 5 minutes and I think it’s because we were slowly expanding our circular motions and eventually we ran off the page. Overall it was a little weird at first but I understand how this type of art is something that people are interested in.


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