Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Luis Arias

Exhibit Information
Artist: Luis Arias
Exhibition: The Weaving Machine
Media: Wood, Metals, Yarn
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: None Available
Instagram: None Available

About the Artist

Luis Arias is an undergraduate artist here at CSULB and graduating this semester with a bachelors degree in art with an option in wood. He has been working with wood for 6 years now and has recently developed a liking for weaving. Luis is from El Salvador but moved away when he was younger. He now lives in Los Angeles but he loves to travel especially around Europe. A lot of his work is inspired by his travels in Europe. Part of the reason he doesn’t want to start a family yet is because he feels that taking care of a family and traveling doesn’t mix. He wants to travel while he can and in the distant future he’ll dedicate more time towards starting a family.

Formal Analysis

His work does not contain a variety of colors and presents the wood pieces in a simplistic manner. Geometry plays a big part in his work as he explained that mathematics plays a big part in his work. As seen in some of the photos here, there are a many cogs and cubes integrated to his work. The wood he works with is all smooth and whatever he made from scratched was used with restored vintage wood. Something interesting to note is that in one of the pictures above, there is a cube woven with yarn with a wood frame work and it is set on a 3 legged stand. The stools on either side have symmetrical 4 legged stand but the 3 legged stand is more abstract.

Content Analysis

Luis is trying to promote a natural form of art through his work. He’s trying to send a message about the industrial world that we live in and how we are becoming too involved in these commercialized processes. He uses wood at yarn and his own working loom to create pieces by hand. He said he wishes for his work to be looked at as pre-industrial era European style work. A time before the industrial revolution where craftsmanship was all done by hand.

My Experience

Luis is one of the more relateable artists that I’ve met. I could understand where his passion comes from because the information is so easily attainable from just looking at his work. Some part of me wonders what the world would be like without the industrial revolution. Is seeking efficiency just part of human nature and we’re heading down an inevitable path of consumerism and commercialism? Maybe, but Luis wants people to see the beauty of a world without these things and he sends that message perfectly through his work.



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