Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Glenda Castillo


This week I interviewed Glenda Castillo. She is graduating this next semester with a bachelors degree in Spanish. She lives in Costa Mesa with her husband and 3 year-old daughter as well as her golden retriever named Julius. She is currently applying for her teacher credentials because she eventually wants to become a Spanish teacher. She has a passion for teaching Spanish and wants everyone in high school or college classes to learn in a more engaging manner than simple exercises through a workbook. She knows the importance of learning new languages because she moved to the U.S. from Guatemala when she was in high school and she had to learn English as a second language. Glenda is taking 12 units this semester because on weekends she works as a hairdresser. When she isn’t going to school or working, she likes to swim and walk her dog on her free time. It was nice getting to know a fellow classmate like Glenda more as we have met before in our in-class discussion groups but didn’t get a chance to talk.
Glenda Castillo: https://glendacastilloblog.wordpress.com/


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