Djura suddenly woke up in Moonbase Alpha in a panic. This wasn’t where he was supposed to be. He was used to not know where he was but something definitely went wrong this time. He was born in 1870 but Djura is a time jumper part of the Rhopalocera faction from the year 2443. An appropriate name for a group of people dedicated to changing Earth’s history by sending people back in time to cause or prevent actions from taking place (via the butterfly effect). Due to the haphazardness of time travel and the multitude of different universes created from Rhopalocera’s actions, there are many time jumpers who take years planning out what moves to make. Each time jumper had a partner that would help them through their journeys. When Djura jumped through his time portal, something went wrong. He was supposed to land in the year 1893 to prevent a horde of aliens from abducting the young Franklin D. Roosevelt but he wound up on Moonbase Alpha. His partner was also missing. Djura needs to find his partner to activate his time portal again and he has to figure out what has changed in the past and future due to him being stranded here. f79347459b36d96dbae79076baf01632

As soon as Djura woke up in Moonbase Alpha, there was a person standing by in a doorway. Djura couldn’t make out a face. He had hoped that this dark figure could be his partner but after a few seconds of observing this man, he knew that there was something mysterious about him. Djura was about to call out to him to ask him what year it was, but he held back his tongue because he didn’t want people to know he was a time jumper. The dark man sensed that Djura was awake now and slowly left the room. Was this man making sure he was alive? Was he planning to harm him? Djura was unsure. He dubbed this man Mr. Darhk.
Mr. Darhk:

In his confused state, he first meets a minion. He almost convinced himself that these were the aliens that he had to kill and that he had made it to the right time period, but his partner was still missing so he was still unsure. Very quickly after meeting the minion, he realized that these creatures pose no threat to others, only themselves through their idiotic actions. Djura continued to search Moonbase Alpha for any sign of his partner.

Before leaving the company of the minions, one minion in particular followed him. His name was Eugene Fitzherbert. He was dressed in a suit that Djura had seen before in the 20th and 21st century. He seemed to be familiar with this time period so Djura asked him if he knew where his partner was. Eugene didn’t answer any of the questions. Djura was puzzled and realized that he was wearing his hunting attire.
Djura: “I know I look like a bad man but…”
Eugene: “Banana?”
Djura: “No. A bad man. Well, I meant I’m not a ba-”
Eugene: “BANANA!!!”
Djura: “…”
Djura slowly began to back away as Eugene started clawing the walls screaming about bananas.






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