Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – David Brown


This week I interviewed David Brown. He’s in his 5th year of Computer Engineering and he is excited to graduate this spring. He’s a lot like me. We both like movies, books, comic books, and video games. His favorite movie is Tuck and Dale vs. Evil. This movie is sort of a satirical film that pokes fun at the slasher genre. Basically, a group of teenagers gets lost in the woods and when they meet Tuck and Dale they assume they are killers because the live in the woods in the middle of nowhere and the teenagers fall victim to their own stupidity one by one and they continuously believe that Tuck and Dale are trying to kill them. His favorite video game right now is a role playing game called Fallout 4. David said his biggest accomplishment in life would be completing his degree in computer engineering because it was the toughest 5 years of his life.
David Brown: https://davidbensite.wordpress.com/


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