Wk 10 – Art Experience- Instagram

Who is Art 110? Are we a collection of people all aspiring to achieve one common task? Or are we many individuals with different agendas? These are the types of questions we were asked to think about before this week’s art experience. To be honest, I didn’t know what I thought. I suppose I thought that we were all just individual people trying to get through the day. Some of us are taking this class for a G.E. requirement, others for their major, and there’s a handful of people who just took it for fun. Something that Glenn said on Tuesday stuck with me for some reason. He said that everyone in that big lecture hall would probably never be in the same room again. Then I started thinking about it while I was taking my pictures and I realized that we are more than individuals. Art 110 means something. We can look at all of these instagram pictures and see how we’re alike, how we’re different, what food we like, what animals we love, and we can see how we define this class. There will never be another class like us.


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