Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For my Art Care Package, I’m going to be including some old sketches that I’ve kept for over a year now. Some of them are a little unfinished and I guess that’s why a part of me wanted to keep them but in reality, they are what they are: sketches. They were never meant to be a finished project but they do hold some personal value to me. I remember the time, place, and feeling from every sketch that I draw and when I look at these old sketches there’s a flood of emotions that run through me. The sketch above was from my senior year in high school and it was the first sketch that I showed to my 3D modeling teacher. I suppose that’s the difference between sending a snapchat and sending an ACP. Both are messages, but more thought is put into an ACP on both ends. Snapchats delete themselves and disappear within hours, but when someone receives an ACP, the first thought that comes to mind isn’t going to be how fast they can get rid of it. They are going to appreciate the ACP for what the other person has put in it for them.


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