Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching at the Japanese Garden

This week’s art experience was one that I was excited for. Finally! A chance to perform traditional art in a beautiful environment. Not that our previous art experiences weren’t fun, but this is the type of art that I had first thought I’d be doing in this class. The first thing I did was take 3 representative photographs. I took one of the small waterfall and two of the pond. All 3 of them are taken in landscape because I feel it’s the most stable way to take a photograph and it more closely resembles the human peripherals.

The next thing I did was try and figure out how to take 3 abstract photographs. I took one of the foam in the water, one of a pile of rocks, and one of a vertical shot of the trees above. I took these photos because I feel that they limit the audience’s feel for the space around the photograph. You can’t tell how far or how big the objects are in the photos because of the limited views.

My 3 representative sketches were of a bonsai tree, a koi fish, and a duck that was swimming by. The koi fish and the duck were particularly hard to draw because they kept moving and so I tried to draw them in movement. I don’t think I did the bonsai tree justice in trying to capture its beauty but it was fun to try and draw something I’ve never drawn before.

My 3 abstract drawings were of a pile of rocks, the outline of the trees above me, and a fish. My favorite out of the 3 is the fish because I outlined the general shaped of the fish with small circles and went into detail on the fins. I did this because I felt that the fins are the most beautiful part of the fish and I wanted to highlight that.


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